Understanding Lingam Massage

What to expect in Lingam Massage Session?

The lingam massage is performed using different strokes to allow client re-sensitize genitalia, to reconnect to deeper pleasure, to get in touch with one’s body. As a result of these lingam massage techniques the client will experience stronger pleasure in a more relaxed way, will release tension causing sexual dysfunctions, will feel energized and deeply relaxed and will be capable to chose the duration of sexual activity in his sex life.

The ejaculation is not a goal of tantric healing massage as the sexual energy will be redirected and will support client’s healing process. As a result of that client will feel very energized after, freer in his body and less busy in his mind.

Is This The End?

After the session you’ll be offered some time to integrate an experience. Many clients feel extremely relaxed and present in their body and need time to come back into usual self.

Manila Tantric’s sessions are oriented towards long term positive change in client’s life, therefore we  cover all aspects of healing from physical to emotional and energy healing. The communication after the session is very important; it is a part of our professional code to ensure that the integration is well supported.

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How to give a perfect Lingam Massage?

One must use authentic and organic aromatherapy oil which must be correctly prepared.
Make sure you achieve the correct consistency and make enough for the whole session of Tantric Massage

Get Relaxed – Have the receiver be on their back in a comfortable position as you apply the aromatherapy oil over their body. This will work best if they are towel dried after shower.

Start to Lingam – Start to slip and slide your body over the receiver whilst simultaneously massaging the upper body area such as neck and shoulders.

Exploration – In a simultaneous feeling of pleasure, explore the receiver’s body gaining a new perspective of comfort, intimacy and connection.

Energy Release- Slowly build up to an explosive pleasurable ending, thus relieving the receiver of any mental or physical stress through complete erotic experience.


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