myths about tantra massage debunked

5 Myths about Tantra we should not believe

Tantric massage is said to remain a taboo these days for some people. The notion of turning the focus of the massage technique to sex seemed to be widespread and very common. To enlighten you, here are the top 5 common myths about tantric massage that should be forgotten:

Myth 1: It’s not all about series of lovemaking

The main difference of tantric massage to regular sex is the connection that it builds through each person involved. During sex, you are only focused on having the orgasm for both of you and the length of time that you have while doing it. With Tantric massage, you also connect your body, mind, and soul to each other. The passion and the holistic care for your partner is present while you are both indulging the lovemaking process. According to Mind Body Green, when you put time and care into respecting and fully enjoying each other’s bodies, easing into moments of pleasure instead of rushing into them, tantra will help you reach new sensual heights through a deeper connection with your lover.

Myth 2: It always take two to tantric

This is definitely a major no-no. Tantra is not just about having the physical process of doing sex but also about enhancing and amplifying your sexual energy. It’s always better to start for one’s self so that when there comes a time for sex with a partner, you will be able to shed the special tantric energy that you have gained to your partner.

Myth 3: Tantric massage practitioners belong to cult

Stereotyping and discrimination among tantra experts or practitioners are abundant. People should understand that a ritual for sex life is not something to be labeled as a taboo or cult-driven as it actually helps on practicing and enhancing the sexual experience of a lot of people.

Myth 4: Casual sex is equivalent to tantric massage

It is a gospel truth that everything in this world is bad if it was taken too much or more than enough. Tantric massage should be done in regulation and DOES NOT necessarily impose casual sex.

Myth 5: Tantra is for spiritual people only

Rituals and meditation processes most especially tantric massage is not exclusive for people who are spiritually inclined. This process can enhance, awaken, and intensify one’s sexual energy but does not necessarily make it available for everyone.

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