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How to achieve multiple climax

A person who can have multiple orgasms does not have any special skills. It simply means that he/she had fully enjoyed the sex session and had more than one climax. This sensation during intercourse are usually being attained by women. Their flexibility and versatility during sexual intercourses makes them easier to have multiple orgasms than for men.

The reason for this is that they do not go through a post-orgasm recovery period wherein they can stay aroused for a long period of time and get heated up continuously. However, it cannot be easily attained due to some emotional reasons, and sometimes, performance issues from their partners. That is why it is important to know some tips and tricks on how you can achieve and provide multiple orgasms.

Establish the mood

One of the important things to spice up sexual stimulus is by first establishing the mood. A soothing music, together with fresh scented candles and lighting can surely ramp you and your partner’s sexual mood. You have to remember that the higher your sexual energy is built up before foreplay or sexual intercourse, the easier it is to have orgasm and even multiples of it. So, make sure that you have a romantic and arousing set up for you and your partner to fully enjoy the moment.

Increase sexual stimulation

Now that you are feeling sexy and amped up, it is time to get both of yourselves hotter and sensual. This is where foreplay takes place in order to take the sexual tension to the next level. A slow caress on your partner’s skin and cuddling with each other can boost both of your sexual stimuli. Some couples even touch or kiss each other’s sensitive spots such as the neck and breasts to hype the moment.

Aside from genital stimulation and oral sex, warm and passionate kiss on the lips can also helped both of you to reach full orgasm. Just remember, it is important to not rush this part since the slower the buildup was commenced the higher the increase of sexual tension coursing through your body. Make it a habit to delay the orgasm until you can’t hold out anymore. You won’t even notice that you are having multiple climax already.

Have an orgasm

You know you are having an orgasm when you reach the highest sensation from your body and feels like you are vulnerable from every sexual activity that your partner is doing. Have a stable orgasm before your climax by practicing kegel exercises. The contractions from your PC muscles during intercourse can actually boost your orgasm and even achieve multiple climax. After your first climax you and your partner can go back to cuddling or foreplay in order to maintain the arousal from your body. This can serve as another stimulation activity and can make you reach another sexual peak. Just make sure that you don’t focus on the goal of having an orgasm but rather on the pleasure that you are feeling during the sex session and before you know it you are already having an orgasm and multiple climax.

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