Body and Spirit: Experience through Tantric Massage

Tantra massage therapy is a unique and revolutionary form of hands-on bodywork. The therapy was developed by modern tantrics as an avenue to eliminate energy blockages. It is most renowned therapeutic treatment is its ability to provide sexual awakening and remove energetic blockages.

By removing these hindrances, one’s body can experience a reshaping of body energy and full spiritual awakening.

Therapeutic Remedy

As previously mentioned, every human being experiences energy blockages that vary from different lifestyle. Blockages are caused by some extreme trauma or stressful experience and even everyday routines and habits.

Hence, Tantra Massage as a means of therapeutic remedy removes these blockages from the system of the body. It’s unique as it incorporates the use of the therapist’s energy that is potent and fond at the same time.

Sexual Energy

What makes Tantric massage a great avenue of eradicating energy blockages is its capability to produce sexual energy from within. Sexual energy has an extraordinary power and potency that doesn’t just satisfy ones’ sexual and passionate desires.

True to its purpose, Tantric massage stimulates the process of body cleansing and purification by employing a powerful therapeutic massage activating specific points of healing and release.

A Means for a Powerful Spiritual Awakening

The advantages of tantric massage is developing and experiencing sexual energy. A powerful spiritual awakening is also possible as trained therapists provide two things while doing the therapeutic bodywork. The first one enables the receiver of the massage to experience cleansing and satisfaction by opening his/her vital energy channels that is the source of pathway of releasing energy blockages. Second, the therapist can stimulate the energy and drive it upwards, from the lower areas of the body to the higher areas. When this happens, the person receiving the massage can experience a myriad of beneficial effects from the inside out.

An expert sensual massage service provider can give you all of these experiences and passionate awakening. Here at Manila Tantric, we only provide the finest and luxurious sensual tantric massage in all of Metro Manila. Our highly-skilled and good-looking therapists will surely bring out the sensual desire and energy that you need for a full body purification and release.

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