Tantric Massage 101 : What you really need to know

Curious about getting one? These basic facts may finally convince you to de-stress the exciting way..

You may have read about it online or heard of it through friends. Your curiosity has been building up, and you’ve been wanting to try it. But since there’s not enough information available around, you still haven’t booked an appointment yet. So you’re left wondering—what really is tantric massage?

Tantra is the use of cosmic sciences in the pursuit of spiritual power. Simply put, it is a way by which the human being expands his consciousness and achieves creativity and absolute liberation without limits. Over time, tantric massage has evolved and spread in the modern world. It’s been highly associated with sensual touch; however, it still remains as a spiritual practice with enlightenment as the goal.

While erotic by nature, the benefits of a tantric massage go beyond sexual pleasure. Awakening energy centers at the base of the spine, it releases unhealthy blockages from the body and the mind. It helps stimulate blood circulation, restore energy and youthfulness, and realize one’s full sexual potential, just to name a few. So if you’re feeling exhausted after a long-haul flight, desperate to pamper yourself due to a stressful week, or wanting to improve your overall well-being, then a tantric massage from Manila Tantric makes for a perfect reward.

What actually happens during an outcall tantric massage service? A session mainly involves the activation and freeing of the prana or life-giving energy throughout the body. It requires active participation both by the professional tantric masseuse and the client. At the beginning of a tantric massage in, the masseuse carefully gives attention to every part of the client’s body till he becomes relaxed. As he enjoys a tantric massage in the privacy of his own hotel room, she applies extremely sensual, fluid strokes, varying from light and long that release energy all over the body.

The client must stay present, sensing every touch while letting go of inhibitions and just surrendering to his vulnerability. All erogenous zones are aroused, stimulating the flow of energy in his whole being. A sensual tantric massage encourages the use of deep and slow breathing to fight premature ejaculation, a common sexual dysfunction among men. The pleasure focus shifts from one zone to another so that response to erotic stimulation becomes less quick and intense, helping one to last longer.

Once the client is totally comfortable and his muscles are tension-free, special attention is given to the penis. The healing process during a tantric massage gradually builds up, bringing one to a natural, ecstatic state where he is able to control and maximize his sexual energy. When he unleashes inner power in an orgasmic release, his enlightened consciousness allows him to discover himself in a clearer perspective, leaving him rejuvenated and confident to face challenges in days to come.

Don’t wait any longer. Book an outcall massage today—you’ll definitely be in for a life-changing journey.



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